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It’s time for our weekly round up! Enjoy these clothing mistakes!

10.  Let’s go get an apostrophe.


8. Where the “L” is the missing letter?

7. My single?

6. The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth.

5. Which ONE is it?

4. I don’t love this T-shirt.

3. Thouse.

2. This make me want to pull my hare out. 

1. Except spelling.

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The Armed Forces Day Copy-Editing Quiz

The Armed Forces Day Copy-Editing Quiz!

Here is a fun way to learn a bit about Armed Forces Day and test your copy-editing skills at the same time. Do you or someone you know currently serve in the military? You'll probably learn a few good nuggets of info from this quiz. Giddy up!

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FARTHER and FURTHER both mean “at a greater distance, ” and they often are used interchangeably,  though they aren’t quite the same.

FARTHER typically refers to physical length or distance. It is the comparative form of the word “far” when referring to distance.

FURTHER typically refers to abstract distance. It can also mean “to a greater degree,” or “additional.” It refers to time or amount.

Correct: New York is farther north than Washington, DC. (Refers to physical distance)
Correct: The proper solution requires further study. (Meaning “additional,” refers to amount)
Correct: According to the project timetable, we should be further along. (Refers to time)

TIP: Use FARTHER for physical distance and FURTHER for metaphorical/abstract distance. FARther has FAR in it, and “far” obviously relates to physical distance.


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