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There are so many wonderful programs available for language arts instruction.  Below are some programs we love.  Keep in mind that not every program is a magic bullet or perfect match.  You’ll notice that there are multiple writing programs here, for instance.  Much of the time, it’s a matter of finding the right match.  Just because we love it, doesn’t mean you will.  That being the case, this list is a good start if you’re needing a bit of direction in other language arts topics.

Early elementary language arts:

The Logic of English

This fantastic program is based on phonograms, not phonics.  It incorporates spelling rules in addition to teaching kids to read.  The research behind phonograms is really startling; we’re big fans.

Language Lessons for Today

This program is based on an “oldie, but goodie.”  It has been modified for a modern audience by the great folks at My Father’s World.  It’s a Charlotte Mason-based book that incorporates dictation, memorization, picture study, and copywork.  If you tend to like a more gentle, exploratory approach, check it out.

First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind

If you prefer a more classical program, First Language Lessons is a great option.  This gentle, yet classical approach is more of a formal grammar text, but still incorporates copywork, narration, and picture study to teach young ones to read and increase their English language ability.

Writing curricula:

Institute for Excellence in Writing

There are a number of programs this company offers that are excellent.  If you have a child who struggles with fluency and voice when writing, IEW may be a great fit.

Write Shop

Write Shop is another great writing option.  Check out their offerings to see if this writing curriculum would be a good fit for your student.

Write @ Home

This company offers high quality online writing courses.  It’s a great option if you feel the need to “outsource” your writing instruction.


We are HUGE fans of Word Build and Word Build Online.  Learning vocabulary via Greek and Latin roots gives you so much “bang for your buck.”  We also like that it’s limited to 15 minutes per day.

Literature study:

Center for Classical Literature

The Center for Lit has wonderful high school programs that will assist you and your student in a deep, meaningful study of classical literature.

Roman Roads Media

If you would benefit from beautifully produced lecture videos that discuss classical literature, art, and history, check Roman Roads out.  Their products are lovely and very informative.

Spelling for “bad spellers”:

Sequential Spelling was designed for those with dyslexia, but the program is also helpful for kids for whom spelling is an Achilles’ Heel.  They have iPad apps, too!

Study Skills

Studying is something all students are expected to do, but seldom are they afforded the opportunity to learn how to perform this important task.  The Victus Study Skills System is unique in that it has been developed by professional educators who have seen firsthand what students of all ages need to know in order to be effective in their study.