The “@” Symbol

the @This symbol has various titles in English, such as the “atmark,” the “at” sign, and the “commercial at.” According to Smithsonian Magazine, the origin is not entirely certain: “One theory is that medieval monks, looking for shortcuts while copying Read more…

Lie and Lay

LAY: to put down; needs an object (transitive)LIE: to recline; never takes an object (intransitive) For example, when you feel tired at the end of the day, you may LIE down. But you can’t “lie” a book anywhere, and you Read more…

Capital and Capitol

CAPITAL: an adjective, meaning several things such as: “upper case” (as in a capital “C”)“punishable by death”“chief in importance” CAPITAL: a noun, meaning:“a town or seat that is the seat of state government”“wealth in the form of money or property” CAPITOL: Read more…

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