Set includes one student workbook and one teacher workbook.

Note: This is a DOWNLOADABLE, DIGITAL version, PDF format.


Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics has been written in response to frequent requests from our customers for instruction in punctuation, capitalization, and usage designed for children younger than those who are in the third “season” of Analytical Grammar. Many punctuation rules are based on a knowledge of advanced grammar, such as is covered in the second “season” of Analytical Grammar; however, we have pulled together those punctuation, capitalization, and usage rules which students with a thorough understanding of basic grammar can comprehend.

Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics
consists of 15 week-long units and is recommended for students who have completed either Junior Analytical Grammar or the first “season” of Analytical Grammar. As is the case with all our grammar instruction, each unit builds on the previous one in a “spiral” approach.

Jr. AG: Mechanics covers:

Six comma rules
Titles, Dialogue, Quotations, and Possessives
Usage units on agreements and word choice

Jr. AG: Mechanics includes:

Teacher “talking points” for students
Plenty of exercises to practice skills
Tests to evaluate progress
Complete answer keys and useful (but brief!) teacher notes

Note: This is a DOWNLOADABLE, DIGITAL version. To purchase a hard copy version, go here.

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