Analytical Grammar is recommended in The Well-Trained Mind, Homeschooling 101: The Essential Handbook, and Simply Charlotte Mason.

Here are some excerpts from reviews available online. Click the links below to read the entire review.

This page has reviews for Analytical Grammar, Beyond the Book Report, Junior Analytical Grammar, and The Eternal Argument.

Analytical Grammar:

“If you are looking for a simple, yet classical, approach to grammar, Analytical Grammar is one to look at…this is a good comprehensive program. ”
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

“We have always struggled with drill-and-kill grammar in our home. I think the entire Analytical Grammar approach is fabulous and highly recommend it to the parents of all kinds of learners. It’s a real winner!”
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

“Overall, these courses do a thorough job with grammar and diagramming and are easy for both teacher and student to use.”
Cathy Duffy

“Use this program for grammar, spend less time doing drill-and-kill worksheets, and spend more time reading and writing. After all, that is the reason for grammar study – to foster good writers and adept readers. Analytical Grammar will help you in this endeavor.”
Homeschooling 101: The Essential Handbook

Beyond the Book Report:

“This program is much more than your run-of-the-mill, fill-in-the-blank type of program. It will challenge your student to think critically about what they have read, and then write clearly in response.”
Mom of Many

“I love that it’s visual learning and is easy for the parents with step by step instructions. You don’t have to play the guessing game and you can be sure nothing has been left out…It covers it all!”
Manic Mom

Junior Analytical Grammar:

“It has been a wonderful asset to our homeschool this year. The lessons are very simple, but offer exactly the amount of review that these two need.”
Willow and Spring

“This program is so gentle for beginning learners; it really does help the teacher and the student too, building them up as they go through the program.”
A “Peace” of Mind

“Jimmy didn’t gripe and complain while doing this workbook at all. By the time he was done with all 11 sections, he felt more confident in his knowledge. In fact, after he finished his workbook he couldn’t wait to ‘teach’ his brother what he had finally grasped thanks to doing the tasks in this workbook.”
Tidbits of Experience

The Eternal Argument:

“What the book The Eternal Argument has done for me is give me a total whole other side of every book I read. So, there will be lots of other deeper, hidden meanings to all the book we read.”
Shut the Fridge

“I found The Eternal Argument to be a fascinating, enlightening, and very practical book and I will be sure to use it frequently as I teach high school level literature during the next few years.”
Debbie’s Homeschool Corner

Customers e-mail us all the time to tell us what they think of AG. Below are some unsolicited comments we’ve received from home teachers who are using AG products with their students.

“We are a homeschool family and have used AG this year with an 8th grader and a 10th grader. We are doing the whole book in one year. We have throughly enjoyed using AG! I cannot think of a better book to cement grammar information on a high school level. Our oldest child just took the ACT back in February. Normally, he scores highest in the area of math. However, HIS HIGHEST SUBTEST WAS ENGLISH, of all things. He scored a 29 on the English subtest of the ACT. We can not thank you enough for this wonderful product!”
-Brenda Scott

“Hello. I just wanted you to know what a NIGHTMARE these last few years of grammar has been. You have changed EVERYTHING!!! I never thought that i would find a curriculum that my son could actually enjoy! Thanks!”
-Shirley Byrd

“My 16-year-old son couldn’t remember a noun from a verb, despite numerous grammar programs and he hated grammar. Now, nine months into the two-year -track program, he is diagramming complex sentences that make my head spin! Best of all, he is able to learn the new concepts on his own with very little instruction from Mom. I still can’t say he enjoys grammar, but he is enjoying a new found confidence!”
-Becky Smith

“Dear Robin, I met you and talked a bit about your products at the convention in St.Charles, MO, where I purchased your “Teaching the Essay” Set. It was by far the best writing tool we have ever used. My daughter Katelyn, who is in 8th grade, used to abhor writing, but now does it well, and with very little, if any, complaining! She is using the format for many other types of papers than the literary essay, and she has been applying the method to all of her assignments even in other classes. She keeps her blank copies of the worksheets and uses them over and over. I am so excited to see the “Teaching the Research Paper,” which I will gladly be picking up at the convention this year.”
-Barb Polahar

“My children are in Unit 9 of Season One and are doing unbelievably well. I don’t ever remember doing grammar in school and am excited that my children will have such a wonderful foundation in understanding sentence structure. Today they were labeling so quickly that I could barely keep up with them. They are in sixth and eighth grade. Thank you for this program. It has worked so well.”
-Lisa Boulden

“I wanted to write and say, “Thank you.” Your program is wonderful.”
-Sandra Weintraub