Here are sample pages of Jr. Analytical Grammar, Jr. AG: Mechanics, Analytical Grammar, and two of our high school reinforcements. If you’re trying to decide between Jr. AG and AG, we recommend you view both samples side-by-side. You’ll be able to see the difference between the two. We find this helps teachers make their decisions.  You should also answer the questions on our PLAN AND SCHEDULE page.  These are designed to help you make your decision about which program to use and when.

Jr. AG sample unit
Jr. AG: Mechanics sample unit
Analytical Grammar sample unit
High School Reinforcement: American Authors sample
High School Reinforcement: Shakespeare’s Plays sample

We now also have a grammar pre/post-test to use. Feel free to print this out to see where your student is now and where they will be after completing Analytical Grammar. Section one of the test can be used for Jr. AG users.

Grammar Pre-test letter
Grammar Pre-test
Grammar Pre-test Answer Key HS

We have changed Unit #34 and added a Unit #35 to the Analytical Grammar book as of August 2011. If you need the student or teacher pages for these units, just download and print these .pdf documents.

New-AG-St-Units-34-and-35 (student)
New-AG-T-Units-34-and-35-keys (teacher)

If you have an AG student book with “squishy” print on the Unit #3 and Unit #10 tests, these are corrected pages:

Unit #3 and #10 Tests First Page

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