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Grammar is a finite body of knowledge you can master -- and be done!


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Homeschool Mom

"Analytical Grammar and the DVDs definitely get a thumbs up. The program is easy to implement, easy to use, and effective. I am thrilled to have a program that works and that my son actually enjoys."

The Old Schoolhouse


“Well, I for one am very relieved to have discovered Analytical Grammar. This program is going to unburden a lot of families from the pressure of having to do grammar ‘all the time.’ I believe Robin has struck an absolute home run with these programs.”

Homeschooling 101

The Essential Handbook

“Use this program for grammar, spend less time doing drill-and-kill worksheets, and spend more time reading and writing. After all, that is the reason for grammar study – to foster good writers and adept readers. Analytical Grammar will help you in this endeavor.”


Lifetime learning

The “@” Symbol

the @This symbol has various titles in English, such as the “atmark,” the “at” sign, and the “commercial at.” According to Smithsonian Magazine, the origin is not entirely certain: “One theory is that medieval monks, Read more…

Lie and Lay

LAY: to put down; needs an object (transitive)LIE: to recline; never takes an object (intransitive) For example, when you feel tired at the end of the day, you may LIE down. But you can’t “lie” Read more…

Linking verbs

Most people think of verbs as actions words, and they are correct! Some special types of verbs, however, do NOT show action. Linking verbs LINK the subject to a noun or adjective in the predicate. Read more…


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