mom white jacket medRobin Finley, author

In 1971 Robin began teaching language arts, which she taught for 34 years in California, Alaska, and North Carolina before retiring in 2003. She began writing Analytical Grammar in 1981. It took 12 years of using her program in the classroom, “tweaking” it and improving it, until it evolved into what you see now. There’s probably not a program anywhere that’s as “classroom tested!” In 1996 she was approached by a private school in her town, asking if the materials were for sale. The rest is history, as they say.

“AG” all came about because in 1981 her department chairs refused to order another classroom set of grammar books! As a brand new teacher in that school, she was assigned five different classrooms on two floors with no elevators and one wheeled cart. She had one classroom set of grammar books and no way to get the books to her second story students. When she asked for another set, she was told that research showed students didn’t need to know grammar to be good writers! She knew better than to try to argue with their mindset, so she went home that very night and wrote her first unit. Perhaps there are better paths for us when we don’t get what we think we want.

Erin white shirt medErin Karl, author

My introduction to grammar came in eighth grade when I had my mother for language arts. I was Erin Finley then. I learned grammar from my mother using her program and have always attributed my understanding of the subject to her.

I began an active-duty career as an Air Force officer, where my grammar knowledge helped me produce an award-winning base newspaper. After entering the Air Force Reserves, I used the GI Bill to get my teaching credential. Following in mom’s footsteps, I taught middle school language arts for a few years and used Analytical Grammar with great success in my classroom.

After my mom passed away, I ran the company for several years, before Analytical Grammar joined the Demme Learning family in 2020. This acquisition allowed me to return to full-time service with the US Air Force. (You can read more about that story here.)  

Grammar is an important subject, but in my opinion people are starting way too early and spending an unjustified amount of time in its formal study. Mom was a woman on a mission to convince parents that their students don’t need to be “doing” a grammar worksheet every day, all year long, for years and years and years! If grammar is taught sequentially and logically, there is no need for so much repetition.

The history of our company is unique! We’d love to share our story with you.