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Our company, Analytical Grammar, is named after our signature grammar program. We offer grammar, writing, and literature products for middle and high school students.

The original Analytical Grammar program was created in the 1980s by Robin Finley, a public school English teacher. She wrote and tested it in her classroom for years until 1996 when she was asked to sell Analytical Grammar for use in a private school. Our company was formed and the rest is history!

We offer several different products.
Click through to find out more about each one.

Analytical Grammar: our award-winning, signature middle school/high school grammar program for nearly 40 years!

Junior Analytical Grammar: a gentler version of Analytical Grammar, created for younger middle school students.

Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics: a 15 unit program covering punctuation, capitalization, and usage for middle school students.

Beyond the Book Report: our language arts program covering literary analysis, journalism, poetry, drama, essays, oral reports, and research papers.

High School Reinforcement: our skills program practicing grammar, diagramming, analysis, punctuation and usage taught in Analytical Grammar. Choose from American, British, or World authors, or Shakespeare’s plays.

Grammar Companion DVDs and Downloads: optional instructional videos to accompany our Analytical Grammar, Junior Analytical Grammar, and Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics courses.

Eternal Argument: Author Robin Finley’s framework for studying the western canon, providing a deeper, more thorough understanding of these important works of literature.

We’ve also created this video overview of our products. Check it out if you still have questions.