Beyond the Book Report is our middle/early high school language arts curriculum. Middle school is a special time. These kids are not just short high schoolers or tall elementary students. This is the time to cover all those skills and knowledge items and get your student prepared for high school literature and writing.

Please note: You will need to use your computer system to access files on the CD-ROM disc. These files are needed for the program.

Beyond the Book Report covers literary analysis, journalism, poetry, drama, essays, oral reports, and research papers.  The student video lectures and printables are on a computer DVD; the teacher schedule, examples, and glossary of terms come as a three-hole-punched packet.  The program is flexible; you can use the modules with whatever works of fiction you and your children choose.  No more boring book reports that simply get words on papers.  BBR uses the idea of a “book report” to teach all the skills and knowledge necessary to have students fully prepared for high school level work.

Beyond the Book Report is designed to pair with Analytical Grammar to provide a seamless, full-coverage, meaty, productive middle school language arts course that doesn’t take up your whole day. By using AG and BBR together (just add the vocab of your choice!), you can teach middle school language arts in about an hour a day.

For content and timelines, read below.

BBR is broken up into three seasons.

(Click HERE for a PDF download of BBR’s contents and HERE for clearer views of the schedules you see below.  The PDF also shows a ONE-YEAR schedule for high school kids. Scroll down to the list of units to see samples.)

A three-year plan is appropriate for 6th or 7th graders.

AG EA three year timeline

If you have an 8th or 9th grader, we recommend a two-year schedule.

AG EA two year timeline

What you will receive when you purchase BBR is a teacher packet with a step-by-step teaching schedule and guide, examples of all the student work, and a glossary of terms and a DVD which will contain the video instructions, video lectures, and PDF rubrics, activities, and assignments. You’ll simply watch the videos and print out everything you need to teach substantive units on literary terms and analysis, newspaper writing, poetry, drama, public speaking, essays and research papers. BBR can be reused for anyone in your immediate family.

SEASON ONE includes three different sections (click on the hyperlinks to see the sample):

The Basic Book Report
– Concepts introduced:
Following a rubric
Conflict, Point of View, Climax, Protagonist,Antagonist
Paraphrase and summary
– Activity:
Watch video lecture on literary terms
– Sample Final Product (100 pt total): Basic Book Report Scoring Rubric
Sample: Reading Log Book Report Reading Log
Plot summary
Paraphrase of favorite scene
Study questions or crossword
Sample: Literary Terms worksheet Literary Terms Worksheet

The Pamphlet Book Report
– Concepts introduced:
Elements of the plot, mood and tone, setting, genre
– Activity:
Watch second video lecture on literary terms
– Final Product (100 pt total):
Reading log
Pamphlet about the book (60 pts)
Study questions or crossword

The News Article Book Report
– Concepts introduced:
Headline, byline, dateline, inverted pyramid, lead
Objectivity, bias, objective point of view
– Activity:
Watch video lecture on news writing
Sample: Nursery rhyme news Nursery Rhyme Article Activity
Exercise in bias detection
– Sample: Final Product (100 pt total): Journalism Book Report Scoring Rubric
Reading log
News article on favorite scene
Opposite bias news article, same scene
Study questions/crossword

SEASON TWO has two sections:

The Poetry Book Report
– Concepts introduced:
Figurative language: alliteration, metaphor, hyperbole, simile, personification, etc.
Terms: stanza, rhyme scheme, verse, etc.
Types: sonnet, haiku, limerick, etc.
– Activity:
Watch video lecture on poetry Poetry Sample Sheet
Watch video lecture on poetry types, figurative language and scansion
Limerick activity
Figurative Language Log activity
– Final Product (100 pt total):
Write four types of poetry based on your book

The Drama Book Report
– Concepts introduced:
Terms: dialogue, monologue, cast, props, staging, aside, blocking, etc.
Genres: comedy, drama, farce, melodrama
– Activity:
Watch video lecture on drama and Shakespeare
Study A Midsummer Night’s Dream with lecture support
AMND quizzes/paraphrase/prose Prose Rewrite Rubrics
– Final Product (100 pt total):
Dramatization of favorite scene (60 pt)
Literary Terms Worksheet
Study questions or crossword

SEASON THREE is the longest season.
There are three sections. The essay and research paper sections took our previously-existing Teaching the Essay and Teaching the Research Paper units (see below), expanded them, and added a video lecture component.

The Essay
– Concepts introduced:
Personal, literary and SAT essays Literary essay paragraph worksheets
– Activity:
Expanded version of our “Teaching the Essay” unit including new video lectures
Three literary essays on short stories
A personal (college entrance) essay
An SAT essay **This is the old SAT Essay format.  The new format is VERY similar to the literary essay we teach.
– Final Product (100 pt total):
Essay on your book
The Oral Book Report
– Concepts introduced:
The DOs and DON’Ts of giving an oral presentation with slides
– Activity:
Watch video lecture on PowerPoint presentations
Find the errors in Mrs. Karl’s presentation  (link to slides; kids watch a video)
– Final Product (100 pt total):
PowerPoint presentation of book

The Research Paper
– Concepts introduced:
How to write a research paper
Each step is broken down Formal outline activity
– Activity:
Expanded version of our “Teaching the Research Paper” unit including video lectures
Students write an informative research paper on a famous author
– Final Product (100 pt total):
An argumentative research paper on the book, defending a thesis

Please enjoy this sample unit from Beyond the Book Report 2: POETRY